Become My Patron!

Life is challenging, especially when you’re trying to start a new career. Many writers, singers, and other creative souls put content online free for others to enjoy. We do this to share what we love, and in the hopes of building a fan base.

Everything I post here is free for anyone to read. Still, I would like to earn a living from my writing endeavors. If you like my writings, and wish to support my efforts to become a full-time, professional writer, you now have the power to make that happen!

Simply sign up at my patron’s page at and pledge your support to drop some coins in my online bucket each month. Any contributions will be appreciated, and will help me have more time to write.

Thank you to everyone who reads my writings, and I hope you will become my patron!



2 thoughts on “Become My Patron!

  1. Dear Jamie,
    I just stumbled over Neil Gaiman’s repost of your Tweet – then rushed ober to this WordPress site to find some touching poetry.
    I am not a native speaker, but deeply in love with the English language. Your words managed to strum some unexpected harmonies on the strings of my soul. Being a composing musician and singer who seems unable to find his place in this world, I might have more than an idea of your situation. Therefore I’m not in the position to become your patron – but I wanted to let you know my appreciation of your talent. I just became your follower on Twitter and will hope for a good outgoing of your initiative – holding my fingers as cross as I can that you will find your Patron(s)!
    Benedikt / Neschio

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