After You’re Gone

Strolling the dusk for meaning as
The summer sun melts the waxen moon
Streaks of incandescent tallow brightens my path
you no longer share with me.

I see you in his flickering eye
Making wishes in the darkened sky
Thinking of you, I wonder why
You didn’t embrace the magic of the night.

The fallen dark resolves to dawn
But I’m still at odds as I travel home
Driving through the rush hour without the words
you use to share with me.

The light is green but I still can’t go
Traffic is moving way too slow
Thinking of you, I want to know
How you could have ignored the peace of daylight.

Exhausted as I walk through the front door
The house expands to not embrace me
Retreating from this uninhabited heart
you once shared with me.

I rest in our vaulted bedroom
Escaping the tears I shed for my groom
Thinking of you, I repose in your gloom
What desperate hope made you believe it was right?

Jamie Morris
July 13, 1998