All He Asks

We are not perfect; we are forgiven.
God will still forgive us when we don’t know how to forgive ourselves.
We represent the risk He took that gives His design purpose.
We are the flaw that gives it meaning.
We are the counterbalance to His perfection.
We cannot prove ourselves to God, but He has faith in us anyway.
All He asks is that we reciprocate.

Though we are the completion of His work, we are still works in progress.
We each struggle to be more than the sum of our parts.
Though we strive to be like Him, that is not how He designed us to function.
Even as perfect light reveals its beauty when shattered into color by dewdrops in the sky
Humanity disperses the splendor of God through our souls, aspects of perfection revealed by our flaws.
Not one of us can contain all that He is, but through unity we can know all of Him.
All He asks is that we love.

These two edicts govern all the law and the prophets.
If we do this for Him, what more need He ask?

February 3, 2006