All I Know

I don’t know why
In the breaking morning of another day
In the early sunshine I see
The hope I thought I lost facing me

Just a simple day
Yet different in a way I cannot explain
Is it I who’ve changed
Or has my life suddenly rearranged

I don’t know how
Instead of being dragged forward forcibly
Time has lost its hold on me
Now I can move ahead truly free

What is eternity
A promise I once could not clearly see
Unexpected generosity
This vision bestowed on me

I don’t know when
A wealth of miracles became my reality
Gladly I will live
To give the joy filling me within

This is my day
And all the ones to come here after
Goodness and mercy caught up with me
Wonderful companions on my journey

All I know
Is the gratitude that I feel
Thank you for the big reveal
Thank you for being real

Jamie Morris
March 12, 2009


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