Apt 1

He no longer lives there, you know
The small man in apartment #1
The one who talked like Hemingway and lived like the Pope
Protected from the world by strong convictions
….. and an invisible shield, sanctioned.
He was still often mistaken for a teenager
Though he was closer to 30
Because of his soft hair and apple cheeks
Did he even notice the soft sighs as he passed?
What a view, all that learning
Not to become a doctor or lawyer or engineer
But just to become
I think he believed he should know himself
He was true
And he taught simply through the manner of his existence
….. – in the way he lived.
How many people really ever know their neighbors?
He moved on
That little man who saw people, not bodies
He no longer lives in apartment 1
And he could be anywhere, anyone
He sought to know the world also.
Everyone he met here aches from his absence
I think he found himself, and something more
He emanated the truth.

Jamie Morris
November 3, 1998