For the security of youth once more
The warmth of home that was granted
Natural birthright.

Nightlights and bedtime stories
Tucked carefully away
Safe from the boogieman’s play.

Kisses on the forehead
And sweet dreams
Ah, for that sleep of innocence again.

Parents could solve all their children’s cares
When monsters only existed under beds
Yes, for simplicity again.

No self-consciousness, no strangers back when
Every person met was a guaranteed friend
And how many of them!

Loneliness is not for the young
Who run through their neighborhoods with glee
Greeting everyone they see.

Fearless, undaunted, masters of their world
Children are our future, and they know it
As we did once.

To seek youth is a vanity, I know
But the freedom of happiness, friendship, possibilities
Love and security – why not for all?

Jamie Morris
January 13, 1999


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