In Darkness

In darkness, there is love
As the night veils the world
The sun lifts it to kiss the Earth warmly
In the recesses of the romantic restaurant
As the candle is blown out
In the embrace of the warm, soft bed…

In darkness, there is mystery
The long fathoms of the ocean floor
Where leviathans make their home
Traveling through the depths of space
Quasars, pulsars, and aliens await
Into the caverns of the unexplored caves
Adventures for spelunkers to take

In darkness, there is death
The closet where our fears abide
And our guarded secrets grow
When we close our eyes to rest
And release this world from our hold
The day we are lowered into the Earth…

In darkness, there is life
The rich soil that feeds the trees
And harbors insects of all ilk
The nocturnal creatures and plants
That reign in the absence of light
The gift of renewal and rejuvenation
Spurred by our daily revolution

In all this, there is darkness.

Jamie Morris
October 7, 2006


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