In the Shadows

In the shadows of a dream
I encountered a lonely prince
Who had been looking for the princess in me
But I told him that she had already wed
And pointed him to a dragon instead
Who had proved loathe to part with his head
But the prince, unamused, only sighed and said
That he had recently from the famine fled
Which, dire in his country, had so much spread
that the poor had taken to bed
And all that were left
Were the wealthy like he
to seek help in this distant country.
I asked him, then, what did he want with her in me
That knew of nothing but the ways of nobility?
For tilling the soil and planting young trees
Is knowledge far removed from the likes of she
Who only enjoyed what she could readily see
And never appreciated what would someday be.
He looked at me, amazed and surprised
And I could tell he was considering
By the look in his eyes,
But when he stood up and held out his hand to me
I was nevertheless surprised that he agreed so easily.
I took his hand, and he led me along a dry bed stream
Out from the covers of the shadows of a dream.

Jamie Morris
November 6, 1992


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