Just One Thing

I go online and wait all day
Just to do this one thing
To pay a bill, what a thrill
The page won’t load
My connection’s too slow
And I just want to end
This little task, but I can’t ask
For help because no one is there

Online is the empty wasteland
That eats my time, distracts my mind
And drives me to make nonsense rhymes
So while I wait for the page to load
I open other sites to see
What else I might accomplish easily
Play a game, blog to friends
Waiting for the load to end

And finally, patience rewarded
I see words appear on the screen
Telling me the process is almost complete
No! Now I hear a click of defeat
My session has timed out
I have been disconnected
And by the time I’ve reconnected
I have to start all over
Because my verification has failed
Fine! Maybe I’ll just use the mail

Jamie Morris
July 31, 2008


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