Know Me

The leaves snap off the trees and float to the ground
Crunching underneath my feet, I love the sound

To be seen, to be heard, to not be alone
Wandering, like the leaves, I am wind-blown

I love this time of year when the temperature drops
The days grow longer, the heat wave stops

I am chilled, I am crushed, I want to breathe again
The emptiness inside of me knows no end

As darkness falls, the street lights flicker on
The moon is obscured by clouds, the stars are gone

Yet I find someone cares, one person understands
Offers companionship, takes my hand

The trees rustle around me, fill me with cheer
The peace of night fills me; I love this time of year.

Jamie Morris
September 27, 2015

I was going to write a few paragraphs about how I love the fall, but then I listened to a YouTuber named Dodie Clark cover the song Goner by Twenty One Pilots, and I started writing a poem about depression instead. I ended up merging the two writings into this poem.

I also read a blog post written by Matthew Cooper the other day that impressed me. It talked about how to like people, which inspired the happy ending to this poem. In part, the blog post said: “You may realize they too need a guardian angel. Not someone to “save” them. Just someone who quietly understands. Someone who knows we’re all fighting our own battles…” I found that idea quite beautiful, and it found its way into this poem.

Please feel free to comment if you enjoyed the poem!

Fall tree


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