Love is…

It sweeps me past the dust
of cotton missed and cold-powdered dirt
Into the swelling roar of rushing blood
powering the mind and heart at 98.6.

In my mind I feel the opening
of doors to the realms of connections
I never thought I could break through
much less gently tap at to remove.

I rise out of my body
that confines me with isolation
Into the plains of white stars and grass
waving green comforts of welcoming.

Pure stars reveal beckoning fields
flowering from dewy tenderness
That speak with rustling persuasion
humming kisses and fragrant attractions.

It reproduces with urgent intensity
across the fields with airy aspirations
In the winds of umbilical responsibility
to create the connections of separate life.

It thrives in the sunshine of white light
and covers blue illusion with green growth
In a gesture of easy acceptance
of everything it encompasses and pervades.

In the lazy field of active growth
that lulls calmness out of red blood
I follow my leeched dispassion
to the arms of thrilling quiet desire.

It knows life’s need for connections
and waits for the white flag to fly
In the sight of its unified army
to take its POWs and set them free.

It knows the freed will return
with treaties and promises for the future
In the battlefields they surrendered in
and it will accept them unconditionally.

In joining the enemies
the uncaring and the empty
It adds to its foundation of friends
the feeling and the fulfilled.

It encompasses all the colors
and unites them into blacks and whites
I feel dispersing in my blood and soul
as the colors mesh into one sight.
It is deliverance.

Jamie Morris
November 27, 1992