Morning Drive

The shadows retreat, sliding down the gutters
I drive past in the dark early morn
The occasional neon lights, signs of civilization
Reminders that I’m not completely out in the sticks

The headlights with their ethereal purity
Shoving back the shadows along the roadway
Sharply contrast with the murky clouds, oozing above
Like a night creature that eats fireflies
Slowly the twinkling stars wink out and disappear

The gush of heat from the car vents
Combats the childish shivers I feel
Delighted, yet unnerved, by the eerie a. m.
The road noise below grounds me, gives me weight
Against the wailing of the buffeting winds

The smell of rain is in the air
As I drive up to my destination
Glad to have arrived safely
Yet wishing I could drive a little longer still.

Jamie Morris
June 7, 2008


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