My Friend,

When I woke up this morning and

looked out across the populated field

to see the morning sun cast its first ray of sunshine

o’er the grey sky to give it

a blazing shade of blue,

I thought of you.


It, like you, brightened everything it touched and

chased the greyness that

is seen or felt everywhere at times away

to replace the greyness with its inner, hidden

beauty to behold and give the objects below warmth –

thereby forever changing them.


Then I thought, however, as the second ray shot forth:

the sun does not choose what it touches first,

or what receives its warmth and what

stays in the shade away from its reach,

but you chose to give of yourself to me,

and that is where the difference lies.


For while the sun touched me because I

was there to be touched,

I am here because you touched me

and taught me what it means

to have someone that I could call

my friend.


Jamie Morris
December 28, 1987