Secrets have, I have found

Come unnumbered and unbound

When they’re discovered

and unfold

More will follow to be told.


How can they be contained

Since they’re unknown until they are said?

So, if they can not be reined

What could we do to keep them

at a head?


Secrets wait for the day

They may sneak out for display

With one uncovered

to deplore

More go sneaking out the door.


Secrets find listening fools

To relate all of their stories to

Then they use all of their tools

To keep them uncertain

until they’re through.


When they’re certain they’ve

created a small coup,

They’ll rest easy knowing

there’s nothing left to do.


March 9, 1992


I wrote this poem to the tune of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast song “There’s Something There That Wasn’t There Before.”