The Reading

“The future is no great mystery
You don’t need a crystal ball to see it
Mankind is predictable
On the grand scale or small
No, the future is no wonder at all.”

This is what the madam said
As she laid out her Tarot spread
Admonishing me at the start
The answers were already in my heart.

“The trick here is for me to tell you
The truth you already knew walking in
And you will pay me
For I can divine
What is already on your mind.”

So she told me of my business, love, and family
All the things important to me
Then, in an attempt to be clever,
I asked her to tell me something
I didn’t already know my future would bring.

She quietly nodded, and gave me a wink
Saying “Here’s something you should think on”
So I leaned in, and she began to lecture
About future paths that are merely conjecture
Advising that while the next war will be easy to foretell
Because a good war can always be peddled
No one knows if or when mankind will establish peace
As it simply isn’t for sale.

Then she folded up her cards and put them away
Saying that was all she had for me today
And I should run along and play at my life
During these moments free of strife.

However, I began to wonder at the future unforeseen
What truly stops it from happening?
Is it really because of people like me
Who never look beyond their own needs?
The future is only what we make it
So if it is to be unexpected
Then so must be our deeds.

Jamie Morris
May 30, 2008


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