The Veranda

The memories
I remember her first stepping upon me;
I can still see
Her as she shouted to her father with glee.
Early mornings
She would waken me to watch the rising sun
Hear the birds sing
And enjoy the dawn before she had to run.
When she first kissed,
Her beau climbed up the vines and leaned against me;
I did not miss
This moment when her true feelings were set free.
Then he proposed
One moonlit night – she married him the next day;
My doors were closed
And I have not seen her since they went away.
Others after
Her came to use her room and walk over me
But their laughter
Can not compare to hers when she was happy.
I still miss her
And wonder where she is and what she’s doing;
I remember
Her joy though, and now I smile when birds sing.

Jamie Morris
March 6, 1989