“To Thine Own Self”

Fall into your passion, find its core
Defeat the quiet madness you abhor
Live for the action to transform dreams
Water to wine, or the gold alchemy.

Within you is the power of your destiny
Alter fate and accept responsibility.
Don’t wait until it’s too late
For your optimistic possibilities;
Defy time’s hold on you
To end before you’re through.

This moment – here, right now
Use it, for it will pass somehow
Beyond your reach, beyond your control
Stream of life, it continues to flow.

So ignite the fire, charge the world unseen
Hurl your passion against the serene.
Light the void with prodigious vision
Speak with intensity transcendent wisdom
Live the life you were meant to express
Faith in yourself is the true test.

Jamie Morris
July 29, 1999