Use Your Words

Words have great power
To express our thoughts
Reason out our feelings
Convey our mental talents
And moderate our impulses

The variety of languages
Strewn across the world
Unfetters our imaginations
With each new word
Speech dissolves the quiet
Gnawing loneliness of silence
That screams within us
While dialog unites us
Exposes our varied insights
And creates a gestalt

Writing is our memory
Our living ancestors’ voices
Forever with us
Teaching us, guiding us
An act of immortality
The communication of history

In song we excel
As our souls dance
To more than rhythm
Harmony or pleasant meter
Prepared and prearranged design
Of provocative expression
When we would retreat
In a meek nature

Playing with words
Is a dangerous thing
They are not toys
Words bind us together
Give us combined strength
And open our minds
To experience life fully

Jamie Morris
July 21, 2008


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