When I Can’t Sleep

The emerald signal splashes against the pavement

And pools into a reflective phosphorescence

I drive on with the radio turned up

And my window rolled down.

The wind whips my hair and exhales across my face

The smell of fresh ozone on its breath.

The sounds of a recent rain surround me

My tires crush the diamond drops underneath

And spray the shards into the air.

Clinging dust obscures my vision

A rubber squeak quickly clears arched viewpoints.

The air is wet, choking my vocal attempts

As the music vibrates through me

Though the treble does not drown out the pervasive sensations.

I see the dark clouds outrace me

Hurtling with silent intensity beyond my reach

The starlight shimmering around them

Exposing them from the indistinct night sky.

My destination follows theirs, unknown

But for the hope to race undaunted through the ebon A. M.


Jamie Morris
May 27, 1998