When We Believe

if hope is for the foolish, then I’m a fool
if caring is for the weak, I don’t need strength
if love is for the child, then tuck me in my bed
Because I believe that dreams can be reality
I believe in possibilities
I believe we can face our fears, make them disappear.

Our lives are for the living, not for the death
if we stumble and fall in the dark
Perhaps we should learn to crawl, for after all
No one was ever hurt in starting over
and when we’re through, we’ll stand tall and walk to the light
Everything will be alright
Because I believe in the humanity of
Searching for the joy in the confusion of minds
and if we do need a nightlight, then let it shine
Over time, it will make things clear
I believe we can succeed.

Sorrow isn’t only grief, and fears do recede
Anger is released, and sadness can be a relief,
We will find our feelings show our destination
Glowing in our hearts essential confirmation
We should believe in ourselves
and if we give ourselves the chance to be right
We may yet transform our world.

…but if daydreams are for daydreamers, then I have seen
………the future which can be
if bliss is for eternity, I’ll be here quite a while
and if belief is for believers, then I will pray
For I believe that hope gives us strength,
Caring is only foolish when we don’t,
and maybe love is for children, but we all were one
And we take it through life as our birthright
Until we’re done
if we share it, love divides and multiples
like cells in our bodies – and it justifies
All the tears we’ve shed, and all our weakness
……….is just the other side of our strength.

Jamie Morris
October 24, 1998


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