My memory roams back to childhood dreams
The hills flowered and open meadows green
To the ruins in the valley which once gleamed
And the lakes and oceans, blue and clean
Connecting sometimes with mountain streams
Xzonia, Xzonia, it is of you I dream
Return to me but a moment of green
But give it not, Xzonia, in my dreams.

Jamie Morris
December 15, 1989

When I was little, I dreamed of this place many times. It always felt like home to me, so I named it Xzonia. It’s a word I made up specifically for this place so I would never forget it. Xzonia means “home of your heart.” Years later, I wrote this poem to help me remember those dreams a little better.

My poem “In the Fields, I Roam” also describes one area of Xzonia I often dreamed about. It’s been years since I dreamed of this land, but I still think about it now and then and visit it sometimes in my daydreams. It’s my “happy place.”

I’ve never found a picture that looked just like what’s in my head, but this is similar to what I see in my head:


(Image obtained from: http://7-themes.com/data_images/out/26/6856608-mountain-valley.jpg)

There should be a large crevasse between the lake and the mountains. The mountains aren’t laid out correctly. There should be ruins at the base of the mountains, and more on top of them. There should be a small hill behind the lake (on the side opposite the mountains) that gently slopes down to the lake, with two large trees on top of it. That would be the Xzonia of my dreams. : )


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