Every little turn
Watching I discern
Makes me want to learn
Another little clue.

Every time I try
I just start to cry
I do not know why
I feel the way I do.

Obsession is like this
Full of hopeless twists
Makes me reminisce
Of days without you.

My happily ever after
Has turned to disaster
By your soft laughter
So I sit and stew.

Many men might want
My sweet name to vaunt
So why do I still haunt
Instead of starting anew?

All my thoughts revolve
Around you and dissolve
A puzzle I cannot solve
Makes me feel so blue.

Will I ever be free
Of your hold on me
Why can I not be
More restrained before you sue?

Destiny or fate
Pointless to debate
Since you get irate
Whenever I’m in view.

Rejected like a foe
How it hurts me so
Yet I cannot go
Such a short lot that I drew

Still I cannot leave
I will not deceive
I may always cleave
To make this dream come true.

Jamie Morris
May 30, 2009


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